Spytech Keystroke Spy

Invisible  Keystroke  Logging Software.

Spytech SpyAgent STEALTH

Powerful  spy  software  that  allows  you  to
monitor everything users do on your computer.

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SmElis Web Previewer allows you to extract the contents of web pages and turn it into web reviews. You will be able to store web pages in the convenient form that allow you to easily find the necessary information using the built-in sorting and search system. The automatic feature of scanning web sites will free you from having to visit each web page.

Home: SmElis Technologies

Price: $31.95

SV Bookmark is a visual bookmark manager that allows you to associate screenshots of a web site with each entry. Hovering your mouse over an entry displays a small popup screenshot of the site, making it easy to remember the content. You can quickly add new bookmarks, using the small floating toolbar and also organize them into custom categories. SV Bookmark is browser-independent.

Home: SmElis Technologies

Price: $34.95

SmElis WebData Extractor enables you to extract and save multimedia items, images, Flash, scripts and other web objects from the page you are currently viewing in your browser. It can either save and extract all or only selected items from a page. The available files and data are automatically categorized, so they can be easily browsed.

Home: SmElis Technologies

Price: $29.95

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