Linkman Pro

Linkman is a complete bookmark management solution  designed  for  the  professional  user.

Advanced System Protector

It not only removes infections, protects from live threats but also takes care that it doesn’t  show genuine files and registries as infections.

 Web Browser Tools

Link Checker | Link Manager

Link Checker. Linkman Pro is a link checker tool that can check bookmarks for dead links, intelligent (only major) content changes, and page movements. After the link checking procedure, the names of the links with changed content since your last validation will be underlined.

Dead links (status 404) will get a red icons, and sites that have moved (status 301 and 302) to a new domain will get yellow icons. The link checker has the ability to automatically update URLs of links that have moved to the address of the new location. Linkman's link checker has the ability ro retrieve missing link names, descriptions, keywords and customizable meta tags.

Linkman Pro is a link manager and link validator that integrates with the Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Opera browsers. It replaces the browser's native bookmarks with far more powerful link management facilities.

Portable Link Manager

You have the option to install Link Manager as a portable version to a USB stick. This way you can take your bookmarks everywhere you go. Linkman Pro will also save the configuration files to the removable media.
Tip: Installing Linkman Manager in USB mode on a hard drive (instead of a stick, for example to c:\Linkman) lets you to quickly back up your entire Linkman software application and data by zipping the Linkman folder.

I have enjoyed using Linkman in my personal research work over several years. I have over 120.000 entries in a large knowledgebase. I am very satisfied with the stability and functionality of the product.
Alfredo Sanchez, QoS Labs
Linkman Pro is an essential tool to organize the bookmarks for glossaries and dictionaries I constantly refer to while translating.
Prof. Brian J. Careless, North-West University

Find your bookmarks quickly

What makes Linkman special is its sheer speed that allows you to find your bookmarks quickly. Just start typing a keyword and get results within a second, even with very large databases. By default Linkman uses wildcards and the AND operator to combine search terms, but you can also use OR, AND NOT and the "-" sign in your searches. Example: a search for news computer -games will find all links containing the keyword news AND the keyword computer, but NOT containing the keyword games.

Password protect bookmarks

Linkman offers you an easy way to protect your privacy. You get the ability to password protect bookmarks. Since Linkman can load two different databases at the same time, you even get the option to make one database public and to password protect the second database. Select password protection from the file menu to set a password and then save your database. The next time you load Linkman (with this database as default), you will be asked for a password.

Export bookmarks

With Linkman you can export bookmarks in a variety of formats. You can even build your own Export Templates. Several Template examples, such as XML and HTML output, are included. With some basic scripting knowledge you can export bookmarks in virtually any format you need. Template output can be generated automatically every time the Linkman XML database is saved.

Print bookmarks

You can easily print bookmarks with Linkman. First select the database or search results you want to print and click on the Print button. A preview window will be displayed where you can set printing margins and font, and also configure what data fields should be printed out.

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